Costume Rental

Rental rates per costume are based on era and style. Whether you need costumes for your entire cast or just a few we here to meet your needs.

The Rental Includes:

  • Measurements sheets
  • Costume Plot as needed
  • Costumes delivered clean and prepped for 1st Dress Rehearsal
  • Inventory list and costume flow chart attached to costumes


Providing Visually Stunning Costumes for
Theatrical and Dance Productions

Jacksonville, Florida

Production Services

The Costume Crew can also be contracted to assist backstage during the run of the production. This service will ensure that the performers will be attended to.

The Run includes:

  • Coordinate your wardrobe crew during dress rehearsals and performances
  • Assist with dressing and all quick changes
  • Prep costumes nightly for performances (steam and iron)
  • Nightly washing of necessary garments
  • Repairs ( zippers,buttons, etc.)
  • Maintain clean dressing rooms and pleasant environment for performers
  • Make Up & Hair are available for an additional fee

Design Services

The Costume Crew is available for original costume design projects for theatrical and dance productions, as well as individuals. We can design costumes for entire productions or specialized costumes. The costumes will be of top quality that you will keep in your inventory for years to come. We will meet with you to discuss production concepts and style. We will provide color renderings with swatches. We will present cost options and materials- finalizing budget cost before construction begins. We take all necessary measurements and once costume is complete ensure proper fit. In addition to the design fee the client is responsible for the cost of all materials & construction time.